Established in 1990 by Neil Branston at the age of 26 years old and then joined by his brother a year later, Both Neil and Adam grew up watching their Mother make curtains which was a family trade for four generations, their father was in the car trade with both brothers having a passion for cars. It was inevitable that b-trim would be born.
They started off by upholstering furniture and house hold items, but this was fast over took by their passion for cars. Over the next ten years b-trim became a leading BMW trim specialist. Which saw 1000’s of there new cars leave the premises with luxurious leather interiors. Working closely with BMW Dealers throughout the UK, Standards were kept high and b-trims level of craftsmanship grew a high reputation of quality. They now produce everything from factory replacement trim to totally bespoke upholstery in all vehicles. b-trim is based in north London Enfield, Valley Link industrial estate and has been for over 20 years.
Neil and Adam are still hands on, and still enjoy delivering a high level of craftsmanship and service to each individual.